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Secondary Characters

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=Additional characters.

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Concerning Villages.

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4. One Village can specialise in one aspect of technology. For example Iwa no shi may specialise in subterranean technology such as drills and tunnel making, Kiri no Shi may specialise in aquatic …

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 Tenmestu Ko.(Samurai Only)

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PostSubject: Tenmestu Ko.(Samurai Only)   Thu Nov 18 2010, 13:54

Tenmetsu-kō: This samurai style stays true to its name as the samurai emulate flashes of light striking opponents with the utmost speed and accuracy.It has no flashy attacks and no movement is wasted making this style one of the deadliest. This style also stays true to the original weapon that samurai prefer namely the Katana and as such are unparalleled in swordplay.

Name:Tenmestu Style:Strike of Disgrace
Range:Short Range

Description: The Tenmenstu-ko version of Strike of Disgrace which is the same as its predecessor only instead of a single strike the Samurai delivers eleven strikes to the enemy before sheathing their sword. Although the strikes are not deep enough to kill it is extremely hard to dodge as the user would have to see the slashes as they come towards them something a normal eye would not be able to do.

Name:Tenmestu Style:Bullet Release

Description:An advanced version of swift release exclusive to members of Tenmestu-ko and is required to use any of their techniques. Although the user is able to move at extremely high speeds the sudden motion has an adverse effect on the body and multiple movements using the technique and permanently paralyze the user and as such it is limited to 5 times a day with out any ill effects, 7 times will land the user in a hospital for two days 9 would permanently paralyze the user.

Name: Tenmestu Style: Crashing Ground
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: B-rank
Class: Supplementary
Range: N/A

Description: A fully refined Swift Release exclusive to members of the Tenmetsu Style. The wielder can move beyond god-like speed only showing their footsteps crashing against the ground. This move is said to only be used the second the wielder grips their hilt giving so they waste no time when they need to attack.

Name: Tenmestu Style: Stray Bullet
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: C-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: All Ranges

Description: Compressing their chakra around their blade the user unsheathes their sword in a swinging manner launching what looks like a needle the size of the blade, but is actually compressed chakra, at the target. Since it is a Tenmestu Style attack the needles every needle is launched out at supersonic speeds.

Name: Tenmestu Style: Raining Bullets
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: B-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid to Long Range

Description: Using the same principle as Tenmestu Style: Stray Bullet the user this time jumps in the air and instead of one releases several needles at their target. This can only be used in the air considering it uses the air to increase the number of needles launched.

Name:Tenmestu Style:Bushin.

Description: Using Bullet release the user creates after images of him/her self to avoid attacks and confuse the opponents.

Name: Tenmestu Style Secret Tech: Dragon Howl Strike
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: A-rank
Class: Supplementary
Range: All Ranges

Description: When the sword’s hilt connects with the sheath, the god-speed sheathing produces a sonic boom that temporarily stuns an opponent’s auditory nerve, impairing their hearing and equilibrium.

Name: Tenmestu Style: Nine Dragon Crash
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: A-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Short to Mid

Description: The user uses the Tenmestu’s high speed to its full extent, dealing nine blows to the most fundamental targets of swordsmanship, all at the same time. These target’s of the focus of one’s tech as they make up the basis of one’s guarding stance, regardless of what weapon or style, making guarding and dodging impossible.

Name: Tenmestu Style: Blinding Five Strikes
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: A-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: All Ranges

Description: The second the user begins to draw their sword they start moving at high speeds still standing in their original position. It appears like they made 4 clones of themselves each now with their sword drawn. The next second the user and clones disappear and reappear surrounding the opponent, all of them in a different thrusting stance appearing to be blinking as they truly aren’t there. Finally the user attacks dealing five strikes and appearing before the opponent sword still drawn before disappearing again and dealing a final blow. This move is done at such high-speeds that there is generally no room to dodge.

Name:Tenmestu Style:Regeneration

Description:The Tenmestu version of Concentration which greatly amplifies the healing requiring the same amount of chakra as its predecessor due to chakra refining. The user can even regenerate lost limbs in battle although their max chakra will be halved each time they do so.

Name: Tenmestu Style Secret Tech: Heaven Bridging Dragon Spark
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: S-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Short

Description: This is the strongest kenjutsu tech known to Tenmestu and can only be achieved after one has literally cut through Tenmestu Styl: Nine Dragon Crash, no amount of training can give a person access to this jutsu.

This is a two step jutsu that is composes of only two strikes with the second strike being much more deadly than the first. The first strike revolves around drawing the user’s blade. The user draws leading with their right leg, to avoid slashing themselves. Then they quickly follow with the left so they do not cut off their leg or lose momentum of the swing, that left leg is the final step the user makes right after they draw their sword putting them directly in the opponent’s zone making it so that the opponent rarely has time to counter before the draw is made and they are cut up.

But that is only the first swing. Because the user is in the opponent’s zone they are on the border of life and death meaning if they were to hesitate for a moment their opponent can easily take advantage of them being so close and kill them, or simple block the first swing. If the opponent was to block the first swing, the air pushed out by the block creates a vacuum by the spinning force of the second swing. There is no defense for this swing once the vacuum is created and the second swing starts the opponent is as good as dead, because the vacuum is keeping them from running away from the swing and slowing down their body so even if they were to counter it their hit wouldn’t make it in time to save them.

Name:Tenmestu Style:Hagane no jaakuna hikari sen burēdo (Unholy Light. One thousand Blades of Steel)
Range:Mid Range

Description:The users eyes glow white and create one hundred after images of him/her self which then raise their sword's and attack the enemy in a manner similar to Strike of Disgrace leaving one hundred slices on their body. This attack continues 9 more times with the last strike being a decapitating head strike. This attack is an instant kill once it has begun however after the technique the user slips into a coma..
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Tenmestu Ko.(Samurai Only)
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