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 Kyokumen, Seikatsu

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PostSubject: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   Thu Nov 18 2010, 14:05

Shinobi Template

Name: Kyokumen, Seikatsu
Age: 15
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 147
Gender: Male
Zodiac Sign[b] Taurus
Kumo no shi

Sect: Kyokumen
Rank: Genin
Chakra Nature: Wind and Earth

Primary Weapon:Pulse Staff

Appearance: Seikatsu has dark skin, black eyes and black hair. His hairstyle is a combination of short dreadlocks along the top of his scalp, with cornrows lining the sides and back. He wears square-rimmed glasses and is seen with them both on and off. Seikatsu wears a short-sleeve white shirt with no sleeves. On his right shoulder he has a Taurus tattoo and on left he has kanji for wind and earth, with wind on the top and earth on the bottom. He wears black baggy pants with white flames coming up from the bottom. He wears sweatbands on each of his arms that covers his entire forearm. Seikatsu is well built, clever, and can easily hold his own against anybody due to his Kyokumen training.


Personality: Seikatsu is the laziest person you will meet. He really doesn’t care to do anything unless inspired by someone or something. He actually would rather spend his days sleeping or training than doing useless missions. If something didn’t catch his attention directly he won’t spend his time paying much attention to it. Being part of the Kyokumen clan Seikatsu is prone to be very arrogant. He looks down on everybody and everything no matter how strong they are. Contrasting his arrogance Seikatsu cares deeply for his comrades and those close to him and will do anything to protect. He will go as far to leave his village just to get back his comrade. Seikatsu is very sarcastic. He will put his two-cents into anybodies conversation even if it is not needed.

Seikatsu was born to the now extinct Kyokumen clan. Being born to no family he was raised in a foster family and raised with plenty of love which he refused for most of his life. Getting a hold of his clan’s scrolls he used them to train himself before entering the academy. Entering the Academy he easily mastered all the minor jutsus that were required to graduate even though with his lazy nature he didn’t show how strong he really was. Graduating the Academy he started lounging around the city doing much of nothing except training himself to become stronger. Up to this day if Seikatsu isn’t seen training then he isn’t seen at all.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   Thu Nov 18 2010, 14:09

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PostSubject: Re: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   Thu Nov 18 2010, 15:07

Basic Jutsus

Kyokumen Jutsus

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PostSubject: Re: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   Thu Nov 18 2010, 15:07

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PostSubject: Re: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   Thu Nov 18 2010, 15:08


Name: Infinite Void
Classification: Kekkai genkai, Taijutsu, Fighting Style
Rank: N/A
Class: Supplementary
Range: All ranges

Description: Infinite Void is a style of hand-to-hand combat reserved for the Kyokumen clan that aims to inflict internal damage by attacking the opponent’s organs directly using pressure. To do this the Kyokumen clan member will use their phasing ability to reject the space around their body making it so when they make any sort of contact with something it will immediately inflict internal damage upon the target from the pressure constantly being released from the user. Just like the phasing ability of the Kyokumen clan, Infinite Void can be turned on and off at the user discretion.

Name: Wing Road
Classification: Fighting Style
Rank: C
Class: Supplementary
Range: All ranges

Description: One of the original five roads, only used by those with Wind chakra. Riders of the Wing Road are able to dissipate impact forces throughout their body, greatly reducing injury. Another ability which they call “Gravity Control,” allows them to shift one’s centre of gravity in order to extend the height and distance of their jumps. “Wings,” a phenomenon used by the riders of this road which takes an existing tailwind and adds the user’s own wind to it, basically making wind jutsus useless against them. Being born into this road gives the rider an natural ability to see and predict the wind and differential pressure via scattering light. Finally their final and most unique ability “Catching Moon Drops,” or which they call interfacing with the air. The rider interfaces with and creates a surface of air via differential pressure, meaning they literally ride on the wind.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyokumen, Seikatsu   

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Kyokumen, Seikatsu
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