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 Kurogane Clan Blood Tech

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PostSubject: Kurogane Clan Blood Tech   Thu Dec 02 2010, 12:50

Note: All blood type jutsu can only be done by using blood outside of the human body or the blood inside the user's body. It cannot whatsoever be used with the blood inside another person's body. Jonin and up can use the blood inside of dead bodies.


Name: Blood Style: Target
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Class: Supportive
Range: Short

Description: Target is one of the most simple jutsu a Kurogane member can learn. It, however, is difficult in its own way. The user takes a drop of blood and channels their chakra into it. Thats the easy part. The difficult part is attaching the blood to the opponent. Depending on where it is put on the opponent, will depend where the next long range move will strike. This however, can only be used in connection with Blood Style: Senbon Shower. The mark is like a homing beacon for the attack. Senbon Shower can be used without this, but it will not be as accurate. When Senbon Shower is used with Target, the blood senbon will home in on the spot of blood and strike the opponent in that single point. So if put on the head, or heart, or other vital areas and Senbon Shower is used with alot of blood, it will most likely cause death.

Name: Blood Style: Senbon Shower
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-S
Class: Offensive
Range: Short/Mid/Long

Description: Senbon Shower is another blood jutsu. By channeling chakra into blood in the surrounding area, the user can detonate the blood, causing blood in the shape of senbon fire from the blood. Depending on how much blood there is, will determine how many needles will fire. It may be a few, or it may be hundreds. Small amounts of Senbon Shower will cause pain, but not death. Same with a large amount. However, if the large or medium amount is focused on a single point, depending ont he point, it can easily kill. Usually when the blood is from the user's body it is equal rank to the user. However when their are dead bodies around as well as blood collected in a blood gourd the power of this attack varies however it still costs the normal chakra to use (not counting the chakra reduction by using out sourced blood). When not used with Blood Style: Target the blood senbon shoot all around the user attacking anyone indiscriminately.

Name: Blood Style: Blades of Blood
Classification: Kenjutsu
Rank: C-S
Class: Offensive
Range: Short

Description: Blades of Blood is a simple blood based jutsu that forms blood around claws or swords. The chakra sharpens the blood in the shape of what they were in and hardens them to the strength of steel. It helps for fighting opponents with stronger swords and can also absorb the blood that it comes into contact with when it hits, strengthening the blood and making it sharper and stronger, however, the blade or hands become heavier. Each time it inflict a deep wound it grows stronger by 1-rank as long as the clan member is jonin rank or above as it harvests the living blood of the opponent.

Name: Blood Style: Blood Wave
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-B
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid

Description: This technique is used by releasing blood from the user's pores on their arms by swinging and releasing the blood however this can also be channeled through weapons the blood coating the weapon in question. By swinging the arms or blades covered in blood it will send out either a long single crescent blade of blood at the opponent when used in conjunction with a weapon which deals B-rank damage. When used by claws or the users arms it sends out five faster, yet smaller blades of blood at the opponent which move at Bullet release speeds and deal C-rank damage. The blood from this technique is still liquid so in order to block the attack correctly the opponent must block it entirely otherwise the remaining segments will simply keep going and cut them.

Name: Blood Style: Blood Shuriken
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: C-B
Class: Offensive
Range: Short-Long range

Description: Throwing a shuriken covered in blood, mixed with chakra, will cause the blood to exand from the blade. The farther it goes, the sharper and longer the blades made of blood will become. It does not gain more weight the larger it grows, and actually glides across the sky in the direction it was thrown. At Short range this jutsu deals C-rank damage and flies at Swift release speeds. At Mid range this jutsu deals B-rank damage and flies at Bullet release speeds. At Long range this jutsu can cut through offensive jutsu B-rank and below and flies at Crashing ground speeds.

Name: Blood Style: Blood Clone
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Class: Supplementary
Range: Varies

Description: A Blood Clone is formed from the loose blood in the area and takes after the user's appearance. It is a physical clone that cannot be killed by being hit or stabbed. It can only be killed by having its chakra drained or by being cut in half. It also has a regeneration ability to heal stab wounds and such. The blood clone cannot use jutsu. It is strictly Taijutsu and Kenjutsu being able to form weapons out of its body. The amount of clones a user can create at one time follows the clone rules as just activating this jutsu will allow the user to form the maximum amount of clones they can make.

Name: Blood Style: Blood Wall
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Class: Defensive
Range: Mid

Description: Blood Wall is powerful defensive blood based jutsu. By gathering the blood in the area a wall of blood can be formed in front of the user. Depending on how much blood is used will depend on how long it lasts. A little of blood makes for a thin shield that can survive one jutsu attack. A normal amount of blood can block three jutsu. While a large amount of blood can block up to 2 A-rank offensive jutsu before dissolving. Though the jutsu only covers one direction, it has an extra effect. It can take any hit from physical attacks up to an S-rank. As well as, if someone comes into skin contact, the blood makes tiny cuts that absorb blood which will in turn strengthen the Blood Wall. However, it only takes a very small amount with contact, so prolonged or constant contact will take more and more blood from the one striking it. The opponent unknowingly has their blood drained and every 10 times they make contact with it the wall is strengthened by 1-rank. With the opponent receiving an C-rank amount of damage.

Name: Blood Style: Draining Blood
Classification: Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Class: Offensive/Supplementary
Range: Short

Description: The user has the ability to rapidly siphon blood from the open wounds of opponents or allies to heal themselves of injuries the victims on the other hand will receive damage equivalent to the lethality of the injuries sustained by the user. Meaning while the user heals themselves of A-rank damage the victim will also sustain A-rank damage. Making this a feared technique however this is without drawbacks as its range makes it much easier to combat as long as the opponent stays out of the 10 foot radius of the opponent they can't be affected by this technique.
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PostSubject: Re: Kurogane Clan Blood Tech   Thu Dec 02 2010, 13:01

Yawwwwn approved
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Kurogane Clan Blood Tech
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