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Secondary Characters

1. Every one is entitled to a secondary character for free as long as they make it before the first chunin exams take place. After that they must have a total post count of 100 to have one. This character can not be of the same rank as your primary character except for genin. Also they can not be from the same village as your original character.

=Additional characters.

1. …

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Village Rules
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Concerning Villages.

Each Village is limited to.

1. 2 DNA Sects

2. 3 Secret Sects

3. A Max of one Sanin atm, A max of 3 jounin atm. The chunin number will fluctuate and Genin are unlimited.

4. One Village can specialise in one aspect of technology. For example Iwa no shi may specialise in subterranean technology such as drills and tunnel making, Kiri no Shi may specialise in aquatic …

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1. Respect others. Pretty straight forward. Don’t insult other members or moderators. They deserve the same respect you deserve.

2. Absolutely do not god mod. If I find any case of you god modding first you get a warning. Second you’re banned for a week. Third account deletion.

3. Respect the mods and admin. If you have a problem with any of them pm me and I'll be the judge of their …

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Name: Kurogane Clan
Clan Location: Shigakure
Clan Symbol:
Clan Information: Members of this clan have a unique iris which is a slit instead of a circle hinting at their primal origins otherwise they look the same as non clan members only being more toned physically and have a tendency to eat a lot to cope with their fast metabolism. The Kurogane also have animal spirits, which take the shape of their birth mark as each member of the clan has an animal shaped birthmark located somewhere on their body. The animal spirit is key to their transformations because their characteristics take after that of their animal spirit along with their attitude. Their personality is even similar to that of their animal.
Kekkai Genkai: Blood Release (Life + Water)

All members of the Kurogane clan are born with the ability to control all five of their senses. An example of which is going from normal vision to being able to see as if looking through binoculars. Another example is by going from normal vision, or smell, or hearing, to where they go to as if they are blind, deaf, or have no sense of smell. Same with being able to feel the slightest touch or being to where they feel nothing at all. These are advantages in fighting as well as disadvantages. And advantage would be like being able to over hear from a distance or scouting an area, or detecting poison, or being unable to feel the pain of an attack. A disadvantage would be like as if they had their sense of hearing high and then an explosion went off, or something foul smelling was in the air, or not being able to feel any damage on their body so they would not know how much damage they are in.

Transformation Details

Kekkai Tota: Flesh Release (Life + Water + Fire)
History:Four hundred years ago the Kurogane clan once lived on an island three miles off the coast of Kirigakure. They were a small village known as the Beast Village, which took up a fifth of the whole island, which could be more considered a continent like Australia almost. The village was located on the shore of the land and was then surrounded by trees that were about five stories tall. A few miles in land from the trees, they would become less and less till you reached a hot savanna. The savanna didn't go out far but led to a long desert. A few miles through the desert, you would start to see mountains. A mile from the desert the land will start to change from desert, to rocky, to snow covered. Snow continuously falls around these mountains which dwarfed the mountains of Kumogakure.

Some scientists in the Kurogane clan experimented with animals deep in the woods, desert, and mountains. They crossbred genes and even created new species. But one day when the leader of the village found out, he sent his best shinobi to shut these places down. But something went wrong. The animals got loose. They were stronger and faster than normal animals. The ones that found the forest as their home began attacking the village one night. This surprise attack had caused many of the citizens to die. Only a few were able to escape the village and get to other land. Though no one seemed to care, they were just glad to be rid of the clan they called Monsters. However, the Kurogane clan were not Monsters. They're bloodline just got them the nickname Monster. The Kurogane clan were well known for their strength, resiliency and speed. They were exceptionally skilled in taijutsu and kenjutsu. They were also good for assassination and top secret scouting missions. The Kurogane clan founded the Beast Village and denied forming alliances with other villages, for the Beast Village did not approve of war or unnecessary violence. They fought to protect others, not to fight wars and gain land or power.

Three hundred years prior to current day, a man known as Ryota Kurogane reformed the Kurogane clan in Sunagakure. He had traced back family ties and found those with the bloodline. He brought them to the village and from there the clan grew. The clan did a complete one eighty from its peaceful nature and actively participated in the war that ravaged the continent due to the Suna Kage and the Kumo kage at the time and were among the most feared of opponents due to their transformations and blood lust. However at the end of the 10 year war it was one of the clans that seemingly vanished. This wasn't the case however as they merely went into hiding like most of the great clans and about 40 years ago resurfaced in the Floating Islands in Shigakure deciding to join the village that reminded them of their former home Sunagakure.




b]Name:[/b] Control Over the 5 Senses
[b]Classification:[/b] Ninjutsu
[b]Rank:[/b] D-rank
[b]Class:[/b] Passive
[b]Range:[/b] Self

[b]Description:[/b] The Kurogane clan member has control over their fives senses. They can make their five senses increase or decrease. An example would be increasing your eye site to see long distances, increasing smell to smell poison or far away things, increasing hearing to hear whispers or talking from another building, or decreasing your sense of touch so you won't feel pain from an attack. You can also make it to where you decrease your senses making you blind, deaf, or even unable to taste. Though these each have a downside. An example would be a bright flash of light would temporarily blind a person making them unable to see even with control over their site, a loud noise would harm ones ears drastically if they had their hearing increased, or unable to feel how much damage they have taken making them unable to know when they should stop or if they have broken something. This technique can be used whenever, but takes 1 post to change 1 sense.

[b]Name:[/b] The Sixth Sense
[b]Classification:[/b] Ninjutsu
[b]Rank:[/b] D-S rank
[b]Class:[/b] Passive
[b]Range:[/b] Short - Mid

[b]Description:[/b] A clan member is born with another sense which is linked with the ability of most animals to detect when they are in danger. Call it a heightened sense of killing intent but it is in fact much more than that. Because of this sense their reflexes are top notch and they are able to engage in combat even in total darkness relying on their opponents to make the first move so that they can "sense" it and counter. Of course this only works with opponents at the same speed as their rank.

[b]Name:[/b] Animal Speak
[b]Classification:[/b] Taijutsu
[b]Rank:[/b] D-rank
[b]Class:[/b] Passive
[b]Range:[/b] Self

[b]Description:[/b] A clan member has the ability to understand and replicate the calls of various animals allowing them to communicate with them. This gives them a distinct advantage is missions which involve fauna as they can merely explain to the creatures what is going on minimizing the risk of confrontation. However this is in various levels. At Academy rank they can speak to small sized creatures, at genin rank they can speak to medium sized creatures, at chunin rank they can speak to large sized creatures and at jonin rank and above they can speak to colossus sized creatures (although they must yell loud enough for the creatures to hear them when they are at large and colossus sizes)

[b]Name:[/b] Blood Manipulation
[b]Classification:[/b] Ninjutsu
[b]Rank:[/b] D-S rank
[b]Class:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Varies

[b]Description:[/b] A Kurogane clan member has differing levels of control over the blood used in their jutsu. While Academy rank they can only use the blood inside of their body effectively however this clan has the ability to rapidly generate new blood cells upon the consumption of the old ones by use of chakra thus making it an efficient source of blood as they only run out when they are out of chakra. On the other hand from genin-Chunin they have the ability to use the blood of dead opponents which lowers the chakra cost of their blood techniques by 1-rank however their is always a fixed limit per body with AS-Genin only supplying enough blood for an S-rank. Chunin-Jonin only supplying enough blood for a SS-rank and a Sannin level dead opponent only supplying enough blood for an SSS-rank. Due to this it is common practice for a Kurogane member to collect the blood of their killed opponents in the blood gourd made famous by this clan. Only Jonin-Sannin level opponents can use blood from living opponents which like the dead opponents lowers the chakra cost of blood techniques by 1-rank however unless Sannin rank they can only collect blood from opponents a rank below them, when Sannin rank they can also collect blood from opponents equal rank to them as long as they are severely injured and close to death.
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