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Secondary Characters

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=Additional characters.

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Concerning Villages.

Each Village is limited to.

1. 2 DNA Sects

2. 3 Secret Sects

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4. One Village can specialise in one aspect of technology. For example Iwa no shi may specialise in subterranean technology such as drills and tunnel making, Kiri no Shi may specialise in aquatic …

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 Gekido The Bat of the Stone

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PostSubject: Gekido The Bat of the Stone   Mon Dec 20 2010, 07:41

Soulless Template

Alias:Gekido (Wrath)
Weight:90 pounds

Transformed: Bat
Height: 7'5. Wingspan. 24 feet
Weight:300 pounds

Zodiac SignScorpio
City:Iwa no Shi

Soul Orb:Life
Primary Weapon: Poison Gauntlets


Personality:Geki tries her hardest to be calm,cool and loyal to no one...on the other hand she is easily frightened,eager to make friends and all in all a nice person. However all of that changes when she fights Yuko her normal happy demeanor turning into a deadly silence and she will cut through anything to get to her opponent even allies.

History: Gekido was sampled from Atlas and Aska one of the five Initial Soulless and was made to be an anti thesis of her counterpart Yokubo. Instead of destroying her opponents she rallied them up beside her and they became her pawns to use in battle against those who didn't join her much to her creators curiosity. She was the model subject quickly assimilating a rare element namely Life Release. Many years passed and she noticed that Yokubo had managed to excape,feeling inferior she too outgrew her mental restraints and excaped the United Govenment as well fleeing to Iwa no Shi. However once seeing the freedom that she had she forgot all about her proving herself to Yokubo and decided to make her own life instead of the life that she had been created for.

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Posts : 666
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PostSubject: Re: Gekido The Bat of the Stone   Mon Dec 20 2010, 07:51

Name:Soul Assimilation
Classification:Soul tech

Description:The Soulless absorbs a specific element into their body from contact with it negating the attack if the Soulless hasn't chosen an element yet. If the Soulless has chosen an element, if the attack is the same element as the Soulless it is absorbed and converted into chakra.

Classification:Soul tech

Description:The Soulless version of the clone technique. The Soulless divides its chakra into equal parts creating up to three (1 if genin,2 if chunin,3 if jonin,sannin or Kage) copies of itself however the
difference between the copy and the original is because the copy has no element yet.

Classification:Soul tech
Range:Mid Range

Description:A frightening technique which allows a Soulless to instantly teleport to a specific point ONCE (once if genin or chunin,twice if jounin,thrice if Sannin or Kage) per day. The user begins to fade away and then dissapears,reappearing any place they want as long as they can see it meaning they can't teleport to anywhere they can not see physically with their eyes.

Name:Element Soul Tech
Classification: Soul Tech
Range:Mid Range

Description: This attack is simply an add on to the following justu: Soul Sphere,Soul Block,Soul Wing,Soul Rend,Soul Push,Soul Armor and Soul Screech. This justu changes the colour of the Soul tech to reflect the color of the newly gained chakra element as well as giving all the tech the ability to absorb or reflect ninjustu of the same chakra element. NOTE: IT IS FREE, once the soulless gets an element the respective techniques are all changed immediately.

Name:Bone Soul Sphere
Classification:Soul tech

The Soulless gathers chakra from its environment and adds a bit of its Bone elemental chakra creating a small concentrated ball of chakra which can cause significant damage to an opponent if hit by it.Since this technique is imbued with an element it is significantly stronger than a normal Soul Sphere

Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Larch
Drilling Finger Bullets
Dance of the Willow

Name: Drilling Arm Cannon
Classification: Ninjustu
Rank: C - Rank
Class: Offensive
Range:Short - Long Range

Description: A follow up to Dance of the Willow in which the user fires off a large shaft of bone which spins just like Drilling Finger bullets Piercing through defensive structures. it is extremely deadly in that if it gets stuck several thin spikes open out of it like an arrow head making it near impossible to remove without causing extreme pain

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Gekido The Bat of the Stone
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