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Secondary Characters

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=Additional characters.

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Fri Nov 19 2010, 11:55 by Yukoness
Concerning Villages.

Each Village is limited to.

1. 2 DNA Sects

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 Sangil Shinto (Academy Rank)

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PostSubject: Sangil Shinto (Academy Rank)   Mon Jan 21 2013, 08:21

Personal Info

Name: Sangil Shinto
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Land of Shadows
Village: Kaosgakure
Rank: Academy

Initial- Age 13

Hybriid Info

Village: Kaos
Clan: Shinto
Chakra Nature: N/A

Ability: Invisibility: Sangil's body chemistry allows him as well as things which come out of his body the ability become invisible at his will. This ability can be passed on to other objects when he comes in contact with something and maintains contact with it. In addition he has a unique type of sight which allows him to view others who are "invisble" through various means making him perfect for tracking and spy work.

Primary Weapon: Basilisk - Inherited from his father
Type of Weapon: Great Sword
Rank: B-rank
How Many: 1
Special Ability: It has no special abilities its just a custom made sword made of light weight conductive material which can be used like a tuning fork as the metal resonates fairly well for its size. Its rather heavy and requires B-rank strength to wield which is one of the reasons Xander doesn't like to use it outside of his tailed beast mode but it is brutally efficient which is the main reason why he favors this weapon over a more slender sword.

Secondary Weapon:
Type of Weapon: Perfume
Rank: N/A
How Many: 1
Appearance: Colorless gas
Special Ability: Love Perfume - Inherited from his mother this is a lovely scent that hangs around him while in battle. This is use to seduce people of either gender as they would be flooded with lust causing them to let their guards down and would recieve a penality to their taijutsu, kenjutsu and other physical based attacks as they are all lowered by 1 rank. They will also try anything to win his heart and its useful for Sangil as opponents a rank below him will begin to fight over him while under its influence. The perfume is in a 10 meter radius and when a person leaves the range they will still be effected for five posts (total) before it wears off. Once it wears off however they can be reseduced after a 5 post (total) cool down. This perfume lasts for the first 20 posts of a fight after which it wears off and can be removed in combat by various means.




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Sangil Shinto (Academy Rank)
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