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 Kimiko Zakiyoshi

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PostSubject: Kimiko Zakiyoshi   Mon Nov 22 2010, 11:01

Name: Kimiko Zakiyoshi
Nickname: Yoshi to most
Age: 19
Height: 5 foot 1
Gender: Female
Birth Country: Land of whirlpools
Village: Kirigakure/Kiri no Shi
Clan: Zakiyoshi clan
Kekkei Genkai : Bakufuko (bakufu Manako) – Waterfall Eye – looking like she is crying, her eyes begin leaking with water. When activating her kekkei genkai she can manipulate water in simple ways like creating a liquid orb and hurling at her enemy to create a disc of water as a shield. During this, her body losses it’s bodily fluids so prolonged use with severely dehydrate her body. During her Dojutsu’s activation, she can also see the flow of things, such as chakra, wind direction and the flow of water.
Upon activating the level 2 stage of her kekkei genkai, she can manipulate the water structure of her body. During this, her body changes to a completely crystalline blue colour and she becomes as malleable as normal water, though only those who know the exact structural makeup of her body in this form can manipulate her, of which only a certain few do for the dire situations. Also in this form, her eyes become a sapphire blue and glaze over completely, the same colour blue making lines run down her face like a stream of tears. During this form, anyone who takes her chakra and Yoshi willingly lets them, they can get the exact level of chakra needed to manipulate her body, but if an opponent tries this, she can shut down the technique before they are given a chance, therefore her body can never fall into enemy hands.
Rank: Sannin
Element Water, but is rumoured to also be able to perform both Fire and Lightning elements, dubbed a Burst Release by the people who know her well enough.

Primary Weapon: Her body

Secondary Weapon: N/A

Personality: Yoshi, despite being one of the Kage’s now, still acts like a child. She plays pranks on people, but now mainly her advisors and her close friends and ex-team mates, Seji, the Hokage, and Alex, or Vixen as she came to know her, the Kazekage. However her playing pranks, if Yoshi’s way of showing that she cares and trusts those people. When it comes to her work, she is still very hard working and works fast but gets the job done to the best of her ability. During fights she is never the one to make the first move, and even then she won’t fight offensively until she knows that fighting back will be the only way to win the fight. She feels closest to Alex and although Yoshi is younger, tries to act like an older sister when the aggressive side shows out of Alex, more often than not having to resort to using her Water Prison jutsu on her friend to stop her killing. This is all because Yoshi hates death. She will not kill anyone and tries her hardest to teach this to her students, however at the same time, she encourages her students to think for themselves, and if killing is the only option, then killing must be done, however Yoshi herself can never bring herself to do it physically, the only times she does so is by trapping them in her Water Prison and walking away the second her opponent is trapped. Afterwards, she always sheds a tear for them and will spend hours praying for their souls. She is also noticeably a very spiritual person, even after being anointed her Kage position, not leaving her position as a priestess in the temple, though the head priest there refuses to acknowledge Yoshi as being anything other than the Kage, despite Yoshi wanting to be treated equally and being given tasks to do in the temple.

Though once she was thrown forwards in time, she is slightly more releived to be rid of her Kage duties, only more so as once again being accepted into being a high priestess in the temples; the only place she carries her ANBU mask, yet never wears it.


Her ANBU mask is shaped like a dolphin, simply to match her calm and peaceful attitude. To imitate her Bakufuko, there are blue lines running down from the eyes and nothing else on the white mask.

Biography: Both of Yoshi’s parents were priests, her mother being a head priest in her home village over in the Land of Whirlpools, and her father being a regular priest here in Kirigakure. Almost as soon as the two met, they moved in together and had Yoshi. She grew up an only child and was constantly surrounded by religion and faith, having the impact on her that made her the girl she is today. Due to this way she grew up, she is not used to being in charge and being the one to give orders rather than follow them. Her parents were shocked at the discovery of Yoshi’s abilities with water manipulation through her chakra. Despite neither of her parents possessing the capabilities, her Kekkei Genkai was passed on through her father, from his mother. The elderly woman was excited to have a granddaughter with such potential and trained the young Yoshi until she attended the ninja academy. She struggled to fit in and balance her training and her jobs in the temple, but before graduating she had the perfect balance between the two. It took only a year and a half from then for Yoshi to advance from a student, through Genin and Chuunin rank to a Jounin. Her parents were proud of her achievements, but Yoshi wasn’t as her training and missions were taking her away from the temple for extended periods of time. Due to this, she was offered the chance to join the elite Anbu. This provided her with more free time to spend in the temple and there she met what she would later call ‘her greatest companions’. Though at first, the girl later becoming the Kazekage, Alex, scared her, Yoshi became close, as well as with her fellow team mate Sejiko, later becoming Hokage. Yoshi attended when both of her team mates were given their Kage statuses, she was truly happy for them. It was a surprise when she returned to Kirigakure to find the Kage there had passed away, with her being the nomination as the next. She spent a week mulling it over and finally accepted, the first acts she did was re-establishing trade routes with Konoha and Suna.

Her memory however was completely destroyed after a huge fight. She remembers her friends, and that before the 'blankness', as she calls it, she was wearing her ANBU gear and fighting under a different name against someone who left her memory. She was almost knocked unconcious when she saw everything going blurry, and the world around her crumbling with age in seconds. She passed out and awoke then in an infirmary of the new Kiri no Shi. Her mask and ANBU gear were still there, but she was thankful in that the vial that contained her old Kage robes was not touched or harmed. Through proving her skills in such a short space of time, she was given a rank she thought had been made extinct and held the rank in honor, though constantly hiding her face behind the ANBU mask and never showing her old robes.

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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko Zakiyoshi   Mon Nov 22 2010, 11:03

Kekkei Genkai:

Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu:

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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko Zakiyoshi   Mon Nov 22 2010, 11:10

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PostSubject: Re: Kimiko Zakiyoshi   

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Kimiko Zakiyoshi
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