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 Mashiba Takuzo

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PostSubject: Mashiba Takuzo   Tue Nov 23 2010, 00:36

Shinobi Template

Name:Mashiba Takuzo
Alias:The Reseacher
Zodiac Sign: Libra[b]
[b]City:Kumo No shi

Chakra Nature: Main :Earth / Sub : Lightning

Primary Weapon: Light saber : The lightsaber consists of a polished metal hilt which projects a blade of plasma about one meter long . The lightsaber's blade cuts through most substances without resistance. It leaves cauterized wounds in flesh, but can be deflected by another lightsaber's blade, or by energy shields

Appearance: Mashiba Takuzo is sized for his age over there is not more robust than others, he is slender and athletic all times. His eyes red with natural without needing to change color. His hair short of his half black color reflects light purple which gives him a strange look. He wears a cap that serves as ninja headband. He wears a little red jacket with white short sleeves. He wears underneath a t-shirt and black pants dark gray giving it a dark look but once any rash. Mashiba to fine lines it just be classified pretty boy

Personality: Mashiba look very simple à the first look but he is much more complicated than what people think . He is pretty sad in is deep because he was unable to protect is kouhai . In other hand he is very protective and will never let down a friend . Mashiba lovvvveee women , he is really in love with all the pretty women in the world .... it is his biggest weaknesse . Mashiba will always do everything he can for the sake of his dead father and his '' friends '' Mashiba really is intra-personal type , but if someone try to understand him he will be very happy and use is humour to befriend . Mashiba is still someone you trust, he never would sell him or his comrades to have more authority or power. He is definitely someone noble and honest that does not hide anything and is very proud of what he accomplished in his life to become what his is . Mashiba isn't that simple he evn had a nostalgic and really sad side , he try to not friendly involve with the other ninja .

History: 6 First years & Academy Ark :
Mashiba was born of two parents ninja, while the two were very good Chuunin, and brave work. When Mashiba entered the academy at the age of six his parents retired from ninja being made much too old for that. Mashiba was at that age, really lively and full of joy, he was the one who quickly became friends with everyone.He was great appreciation to the Academy and even by citizens of the village of his age. Mashiba passed easily lecture, when it came time to review practice it was even more amazing, the instructors expected much from Mashiba but not to the point. Having had his notes from the Academy he went to upper class prematurely. Mashiba was happy at one point he ever ran to their homes to announce the news to his parents but when he came home with a gloomy air flying over the house, he saw his mother who was crying in the living room. Mashiba approached and she squeezed into his arms, telling him that everything would work out. Mashiba stepped back and had a questioning, she explained with difficulty that his father had fallen during a mission A rank . Everyone around Mashiba fell, he clutched his mother against him just as much in tears as she. Shortly after his note to the Academy began to degraded he spent the first class to last, it was a mere shadow of what it was.

Return of an Elite Ark :

Two years after the death of his father and relaxation of the academy, he developed an entirely new personality. The child became a happy person full of shame and hatred, but mostly sadness. It was in an isolated corner well in the vicinity of the village when a ninja came to see. This ninja was the Kamogawa best friend of her deceased father, he always considered his uncle. Many times they talk about it but never again had been successful but this time was an air Kamogawa decided to give hope to young Mashiba.

- Listen to me Mashiba-Kun! your father died protecting the city, he wanted to protect you! Because he knew that you become a great ninja, much bigger than what he may have hoped to be in his lifetime ... since these last two years that you wasted his sacrifice!

Mashiba shook his head and pretended not to listen, even though he knew he was right despite his young age. Shortly after Mashiba see Kamogawa returned and asked him to do integrated academy again and he accepted with joy. It did not take much time Mashiba graduated Genin. By cons he never regained his cheerful personality fully before but it was already a plus. Mashiba was put in a team like the other Genin, Jounin his sensei was a fairly well regarded in the village. After a multitude of mission Mashiba entered the Chuunin exam. Despite his ninja skills examination was very difficult. He passed the first tests with difficulty but it went very well with the second and the third was a perfect proof to prove his talents. Mashiba passed, as we all thought his chuunin exam.

Jounin and fail Ark :
Mashiba finally celebrated his sixteenth birthday and at the same time he graduated high Jounin level. After years of mission training and experience he became Jounin. He did not celebrate this good news being too introverted he preferred to keep to himself. Everything seemed to be perfect recognized ninja in the village, even more than his sensei and Kamogawa. Mashiba was sent on a mission with his new pupil.
The mission was simply to visit the neighboring country to serve in a farm. As with all new students they had made a simple D Rank mission. Halfway the trip messed, Kunai of crashes all around them quickly followed by explosive scrolls. Mashiba acts quickly and took his students and sent them out of reach of the explosion. With this act he was only slightly affected. Without waiting for a group of ninja headbands striped appeared at around the young team. Mashiba counted the enemies they were at most ten excluding the possibility that others are still hidden. Mashiba waved hands and made the cloning of the shadow. Ten clones attacked ten ninja enemies and the true Mashiba remained close to his Pupils. Rapidly as the young team on many deserters by ninja suddenly Mashiba's vision was white and fell to the ground unconscious. .... After a blackout Mashiba opened his eyes he looked around him and he was in the hospital in his native village, he rose from his bed and ventured into the fast lane until it is intercepted by Raikage the difficulty with which it announced that it had been saved by a squad of special forces going in the same regions. Unfortunately his pupils remained untraceable. Mashiba was shaken by the news. Soon he began looking for her students with the help of other ninja but it was in vain ... Mashiba should do it it failed it could not protect his students ... He rejects any proposal to have new students and continued to do research to find the culprits.
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PostSubject: Re: Mashiba Takuzo   Tue Nov 23 2010, 00:42

Genjutsu :


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PostSubject: Re: Mashiba Takuzo   Tue Nov 23 2010, 00:52

Ninjutsu :

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PostSubject: Re: Mashiba Takuzo   Tue Nov 23 2010, 00:54

Fuinjutsu :

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PostSubject: Re: Mashiba Takuzo   

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Mashiba Takuzo
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