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 SOL. (Yusei Higuchi)

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PostSubject: SOL. (Yusei Higuchi)   Tue Nov 23 2010, 09:39

Name: SOL. (real name, Yusei Higuchi)
Nickname: 'The Catalyst'
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Gender: Male
Birth Country: Land of Iron
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Buke

Katana Element: Fire/Flames of Simurgh

Secondary Weapon: Crossbow

Additional Weapons: x100

Personality: He's mostly quiet and rarely speaks, as the ruptures to his vocal chords have left him almost mute, but they may have healed since his dreadful time. SOL is mostly shy rather not liking to talk, he's not accustomed to fraternizing with other people, but will speak when given orders to do so and is very tactical and adept when in comes to battle on the field.

Appearance: I made a drawing of him, but it's just the rough sketch that I was going to use for the final lineart that I was going to do with my Wacom Tablet...but I haven't had any time or the energy to finish so, you only get a crappy sketch, lol just so you can see the gist of where I was going with his appearance. It's a bit light because I WAS going to do the final lineart.


Biography: SOL. was born into a family of highly skilled Samurai proficient in the use of fire chakra, also known as the Higuchi clan/family. The chakra of the Higuchi family is more diverse than any normal fire chakra or any chakra. First, the chakra of the Higuchi clan is clear/transparent and can not be seen, unless strictly focused into a fixed mass. It also possesses a special trait in which it reacts quickly causing a chain reaction due to instability, making the chakra combust almost nearly as it is formed, thus earning it's name, Catal or Combustion chakra. It has even taken the most elite clan members time to master the uncontrollable spontaneous combustion, the father of the Higuchi family has developed a ninjutsu attack named the 'Eikoudan' (Flare Bomb) from studying the techniques of Ninjas, which is an incomplete Jutsu. It takes the Catal chakra and combines it with the elemental chakra, fire and condenses it into a transparent sphere that grows a small tail of blue fire when fully charged, hence the name, but even though it's still imperfect. Another trait of the Higuchi family is that the chakra allows the person to read heat signals and pressures of another opponent. SOL. very young in his age showed valuable promise as he was able to develop a plethora of attacks, utilizing the Catal Chakra, which most he had tried, failed. He was the first of his family to use the Catal chakra in a covert or reconnaissance form, using it as a means of cloaking, such as smothering an arrow in the chakra making it hidden. He's also cloaked his sword, giving the family a nickname, the 'Phantom clan'. SOL. wields the blade of legendary family member, the 'Hiashi-no-Tsurugi', said to have carried the healing flames of Simurgh. When SOL. was 10 he was taken by missing nin, having heard about his extraordinary prowess they wanted to make him into a weapon, a weapon that would start a World War. Thus SOL. was placed under numerous tests in the experiment titled, 'The Catalyst' and given the subject name, SOL. For four straight years SOL. has been in a tormenting anguish going under insidious torture only to be tossed aside in the end. He's now been picked up by the Sand Village and should be a formidable weapon.


Name:Swift Release
Rank:D-Rank (Can only be used by Samurai)

Description:The Samurai focuses his/her chakra tweeking their chakra gates allowing them to move at incredible speeds to avoid getting hit by attacks.

Name:Concentration technique
Rank:D-rank ( Can only be used by Samurai)

Description:The Samurai concentrates speeding up their natural healing process healing minor wounds and fatigue at the cost of chakra.

Name:Bursting Hanatsu Waltz
Rank:D-Rank (Can only be used by Higuchi Family)
Range: Short-Range

Description: Fires his own patented combustible arrowheads that are cloaked with Catal chakra and when fired can be charged to detonate small explosions, that knock the opponent out of their stance and surrounds them in a cloud of smoke.
(Not Acquired)

Name:Catal Thrust
Rank:D-rank ( Can only be used by Higuchi Family)

Description: The user concentrates a small amount of Catal Chakra which can either flow to their fists or feet. This gives the users legs and fists extra attacking power when punching, kicking or throwing; they can also use this to thrust themselves out of harmful situations.
(Not Acquired)

Name:Simurgh's beat

Description:The user gathers the chakra into their Katana and swipes it to create a fairly large crescent of fire that chases down the opponent. Can be done in the air as well.
(Not Acquired)

Name: Hiyadanmaku
Classification: Ninjustu
Rank: C-rank (Can only be used by Higuchi Family)
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid-Range

Description: The user cloaks arrows in Catal chakra and fire them unseen by the enemy in a barrage that creates a fiery stream as they are released at tremendous speed.
(Not Acquired)

Name: Rapid Flare Jutsu
Classification: Ninjustu
Rank: C-rank (Can only be used by Higuchi Family)
Class: Offensive
Range: Mid-Range

Description: The user gathers the chakra into their sword, to form a quick-firing stream of Combustion Chakra that when it finally expands and combusts, it blinds the enemy and causes a moderate fireball explosion.
(Not Acquired)


Name:Heel Kick

Description:The samurai plants his/her sword in the ground and then holds the hilt with one hand propelling himself/herself forward because they have a hand on the hilt they spin around the blade delivering a strong kick that can be used to both injure and knockback opponents.

Name: Strike of Disgrace
Rank:D-rank (Can only be used by Samurai)
Range:Short Range

Description:The samurai uses Swift Release and then dashes foward quickly unsheathing his/her sword and passing the opponent.A thin line then appears on the opponents body as the samurai sheaths his/her sword blood dripping from the line on the opponent as he/she had been sliced unknowingly.

Higuchi Kekkei Genkai:

Hikenboujussaku (Fire Trickery)/Catal Chakra: Transparent Chakra that can be charged and detonated whenever the user chooses.

Level 1: Attacks appear transparent and allows the user to have augmentation over attacks, detonating and molding it however they choose. But if the power of the attack is accumulated for too long it can cause serious harm to the body.

Level 2: Can form walls of Combustion Chakra, that protects the user. The ability to see and read heat and pressure signals is also acquired. Lastly, the user can channel his/her Combustion Chakra to other molecules for molecular conversion, thus making an object a cloaked bomb.
(Not acquired yet)

Level 3: The user can finally fuse his elemental chakra with normal Flare Bomb (Eikoudan) or Katana, creating a more powerful and deadly attack.
(Not acquired yet)
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PostSubject: Re: SOL. (Yusei Higuchi)   Tue Nov 23 2010, 10:10

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SOL. (Yusei Higuchi)
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